Re: FCRC: writing on the wall

  • From: Steve Baker <ice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 9 May 2000 15:21:38 -0500

Steven Hunter <hunters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > As far as I know, Roseanne's the chair of the board, and from my 
> > conversation
> > with her this afternoon, things look bad, but they could be worse.  
> > Basically,
> > the complaint is that too much money is being spent (much more than some 
> > parts
> > of IT, from what I hear). 
> Excuse me, but WTF?? As far as I could ever tell, the FCRC is pretty
> shit-poor...

  It's sad really, watching IT buy everyone God only knows how expensive
Dells (with crappy 4MB i810 video) whether they want one or not, while I
have to practically beg to get $6000 to upgrade the 5 Life Science dept
servers after two years of nothing.  Mama has about 24GB of storage space,
which after two years of no upgrades can be replaced with one $200 IDE
drive.  Of course I suspect it's not a lack of money but a case of "what have
you done for me lately?"  Unfortunately cheap PC hard drive only live so
long and need to be changed out to keep things humming.

  If it weren't for the CS dept. I'd probably go nuts, and they're only
throwing $9K a year my way.

> > I think what it all boils down to is that the FCRC as we know it will no 
> > longer
> > exist by the end of the summer.  At the very least, the budget will 
> > probably be
> > cut to shreds, and things like running servers may not fly anymore.  Who

  IT never wants anyone to run servers except them (and to some extent I
agree, an un-administered server is a hacker playground, which is not just
that dept's problem). It's the things that FCRC does that IT (specifically
tech support) wants to do that I surmise is causing friction (and I could go
on and on about why I think that is).  Perhaps what needs to be done is to
show IT that it doesn't want to do the things the FCRC does.  I know you
wouldn't want to do this, but perhaps sharing administrative access to the
servers would appease IT?  This is essentially giving root to Paul or Mike,
how terrible would that be?

                                                                - Steve

P.S. Neil/John, I know you guys must play with bigger drives than I do,
     which of the journalling FS's for Linux would you say is more ready for
     prime time?  I'm thinking of deploying ext3 for these 20GB drives.

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