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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:47:10 -0700

* Hunter (hunters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [07-16-00 23:22] did utter:
> Yet another issue I'd like to discuss:
> Where the hell does the FBI get off thinkingthey'll be able to pull this off?!
> In case you've been in a cave this week, check out:

This is interesting.  We had a little dog-n-pony show last week at VA that I
went to (with about 30 other people) where we got to have a sort of
round-table discussion with Shari Steele, the Executive Director and
President of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and she had some interesting
views about Carnivore.  Apparently, the EFF doesn't get involved in
lobbying, but they're already preparing for, and waiting to pounce on, the
first case involving the use of Carnivore to make a criminal conviction. 

Heretofore, I'd kindof had this image of Carnivore as this glistening beast
of a computer somewhere in the bowels of the earth under the J. Edgar Hoover
building.  This article mentions that it's just a Win2k box with a Jaz drive 
and that can be _dialed_ into?!  Uh...I think the ACLU's request for source
code certainly makes sense in light of the possible security risks
involved with Joe NOCuser or someone hacking into the box from the outside
phone line (or simply stealing the box or copying the program...geez, the
possibilities are endless.)  


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