Coming to next Comdex or Cebit?

  • From: Santeri Kannisto <Santeri.Kannisto@xxxxxxx>
  • To: ice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Are you coming to the next Comdex or Cebit? I will be there 
in both events at SOT's booth during the whole show. Stop by 
to say hi if you will be there. In case you don't yet
have a ticket please let me know, and I'll have one
mailed to you. Here are the details:

Comdex (Linux Business Expo) Las Vegas, USA, Sands EXPO, 
stand P237, November 13-17 2000.

CeBit 2001, Hannover, Germany. Hall 006 and stand G59 
(the same booth SOT had last year), March 22-28 2001.

Hope to see you there,

Mr. Santeri Kannisto      sk@xxxxxxx  -
SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd. - fax +358 401 833982
Hermiankatu 8 E, 33720 TAMPERE        - tel.+358 400 833982
FINLAND                             -

  Either this is spam (seems unlikely) or somehow this guy knows me.  I've
just grepped my entire mail archive (all 40+MB worth from 1995 on) and can't
find any reference to him.  I guess SOT makes the BestLinux distro, maybe
this guy really likes sac or tree or something, however none of my packages
are in BestLinux.

  I wonder if he's offering a free ticket (how much does it cost to go to
Comdex / CeBit?). Wonder if I should take him up on his offer, grab Tom and
go to Germany next year.


                                                                - Steve

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