Re: Billy, stop feeding your robot scraps from the table.

  • From: Neil Doane <caine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: technocracy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 21:38:50 -0700

* Steve Baker (ice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on [07-19-00 19:15] did utter:
> Hunter <hunters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > What Neil's reply said is exactly what I find so scary.
>   Humans and tanks will be cheaper and more effective for quite some time I
> should think.  Besides, nuclear power is a much more efficient and reliable
> long term energy source if you want to build a roaming people eating machine.

Okay, well obviously ice has no sense of fiction.  I mean, think 'The
Matrix' or 'Terminator' or something. :)  Besides, can you show me a 
portable nuclear generator that we have working right now?  Self-sustaining,
hunter-seeker robots that can hunt down and find their own sources of power
(albeit humans, birds, dogs, whatever) indefinately and are basically 
mass-produced disposable heros in a box that you can dump by the thousand 
out of a C-130 over enemy lines...sounds like an interesting sci-fi 
book. ;)  Oh, something like that could also be used to wipe out enemy food
stores, drop them in like locusts, ravenous for wheat, corn, people,
whatever they can get their teeth into.  It's sortof a Bond-villian sortof


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