Re: Apple pantents Desktop Themes...

  • From: "M.K. Chatterji" <chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 00:41:41 -0600

Probably so. However, Apple has always been in the top echelon of 
most prolific patent applicants in Silicon Valley. I think the 
practice of patenting seemingly insignificant stuff like this might 
have taken off after they lost the fabled GUI "look and feel" suit 
against Microsoft. Had they won that, the desktop PC landscape would 
have been rather different from what it is today.

>OK, now this is getting me pissed off. I didn't get pissed when 
>Amazon patented
>"1-Click" shopping, I didn't get pissed when LZH was patented, and I was
>only mildly ticked off when RamBuys INC pantented information developed as
>part of an open standards organzation,but this has gone too far. 
>Apple Computer
>INC was awarded patent #6,188,399 which was for "Systems and methods for
>providing a user with increased flexibility and control over the 
>appearance and
>behavior of objects on a user interface". Or more susinctly, "themes".
>I think that it's about time that we disallow the patenting of software.
>see also:
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