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Can't keep away from the keyboard on this one... :-)

Regarding below, I can't help but note that we have sales
guys at my company which can install Linux and get it
running in our environment within the space of
15 minutes. Not sales engineers, mind you, but Hard
Core Markedroids(tm). I can't remember the last time
our team has had a Linux support call (this, within
a company with 2500+ people spread across all time
zones). No, we don't hand them a standard hardware
base. No, we don't make them use a single "supported"
distribution. Yes, we still get a very large number
of calls from folks running WinWhatever on the same
pieces of equipment (from the same people - most of
them dual boot).

Two or three years ago, I would have sympathized with
the plight of the average person when it came to a Linux
install. Given my experience (and the experiences of others),
I've found that sympathy waning recently ;-). Not that
people don't run into trouble with Linux - heaven knows
they do. It's just that lately these problems have become
the exception, not the rule.

Then again, I could be wrong :-D.

Have fun,
John Bell
Network Manager
Vignette Corporation -

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Oh ho, I did peek up Steve. Let me tell you a story or two! All I got 
was utter frustration. I must be more clueless than the clueless 
journalists. I have been trying for three or four months now to help 
my son get Linux running at home, first as a general purpose machine 
and hoping eventually to get it going as a server for his friends to 
use. We never even got past the general purpose phase! We have tried 
Red Hat, VA Linux, Mandrake, Caldera,  etc, FreeBSD, et al, and they 
all have their problems as far as working or installing even 80% 
right.  Even using the so-called Office clone stuff we had problems 
printing, saving files to exchange with the Wintel world, on and on 
and on.


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