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Claims to be offering (RSN) a 1.2 GHz single CPU PowerMac. I (and others) am
a tad bit skeptical. Why?

The photos on the sight appear to be ray-trace images (esp. #2)

Overclocking by a small amount is hard enough on CPUs. Going from 500MHz to
1200 MHz, even with special cooling, is not an easy thing to do. My VooDoo2
video card craps out going from 90MHz to 100MHz. Even if the PowerPC chips
overclock very well, I don't think a 2.4x increase in the speed is likely.
(Just to clarify, I do believe that it is *possible*, just not probable.)

They claim to use standard components other than thier case and cooling system.
This would imply that anybody should be able to duplicate these clockspeeds
with thier current 500MHz G4 (even if it does blow-out from heat) I don't have
a G4 MoBo in front of so I can't confim this. Anyone here know if the G4 MoBos
allow clock-multiplier changes?

On top of that, I seem to recall several stories about PowerPC 7400 (G4) chips
being unable to run faster than 500 or 600MHz anyway.

Articles about the new system:


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