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Here it is if anyone else needs it:

Programming the Remote Control
The digital satellite receiver’s remote can be programmed to control 
most brands of remote
controllable components. The remote is already programmed to control 
most RCA, GE and
Proscan components; it may need to be programmed to control other 
manufacturers’ brands.
Testing the Remote Control
To determine whether the universal remote control needs to be 
programmed, turn a component
on, such as a VCR, point the remote at the VCR, and press the VCR 
button. Then press the
ON•OFF or CH + and CH - buttons to see if the VCR responds to the remote 
commands. If not,
the remote needs to be programmed.
There are two ways to program the remote control: Automatic Code Search 
or Direct Entry.
Using Automatic Code Search
The following instructions can be used to program the remote to control 
many of the
components connected to your TV. If you want to exit the automatic code 
search without
programming any of your components, press the CLEAR button until the 
component button
you’re trying to program turns off.
1. Turn on the component you want to control (VCR, satellite receiver, 
2. Press and hold the button you want to program. While holding the 
component button, press
and hold ON•OFF until all of the component buttons (VCR, DVD, TV, 
AUX2) flash. Then, release both buttons.
Note: The AUX1 and AUX2 buttons will only search through the codes for 
their default type of
component during the automatic code search ­ satellite receivers for 
AUX1 and audio components for
AUX2. If you want to use these buttons for a different type of component 
­ for example, a DVD player
for AUX1 ­ then use direct entry to program these buttons. See the next 
page for more information.
3. Point the remote at the component, press and release PLAY, then wait 
five seconds or until
the component button you’re trying to program stops flashing.
At this point the remote control is searching for the correct code to 
program, so keep
pointing it at the component. If, after five seconds, the component you 
want to control does
not turn off, press and release PLAY again to tell the remote to search 
the next set of codes.
Continue pressing and releasing PLAY until the component turns off or 
until the all of the
component buttons on the remote flash 4 times in unison. If the 
component has not turned
off by the time all the component buttons on the remote control flash 4 
times in unison,
then the remote cannot control that particular component.
If the component you want to control does turn off:
1. Press and release REVERSE, then wait two seconds. Repeat this step 
until the component
turns back on.
2. To finish, press and hold STOP until the component button you’re 
trying to program on the
remote control turns off. This saves the code to that button.

thanks guys!

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