[TechAssist] Re: ctc 203ax 27" RCA

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After reading all these e-mails it appears this was the week that RCA
had planned for all of them to go bad.

Max Bonnell
Bonnell TV
Robinson, IL 
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Something is going on I've had 4 calls in three days about no sound, but
there was sound on some channels. 

Al Marquardt
Al Marquardt Electronic Repair
206 W Main
Girardville Pa. 17935

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I just today had my first one where the white noise remained. One more
when he put the tv on channel 3, he has cable, time warner, without a
box, he 
could hear the local weather in the background 

Roy Adams
Bonded TV Service
5158 W Forest Home Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53219
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