[TechAssist] Re: Zenith IQB32B44

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YES.  Even though this is stated in the guidelines, many
still do not post enough module #/chassis # info.  PLEASE, if
you know it, post it so you can get the help you need.  If
you do NOT know it, or for some reason the set has none, then
please state so in your posts so members won't have to ask.

In the case of Zenith sets for example, please give modEL #'s
AND modULE #'s.  For RCA/TCE/Proscan, please give chassis #
AND model numbers, and so forth for other applicable brand

This will insure that all members that post will get the help
they need and will cut down on others that want to help
having to ask for more info.
TechAssist Administration

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good idea to post the Model and the Module as WE all file

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Why don't we post module numbers anymore?

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Fairly new 32" Zenith. No schematic.  Turn unit on and all it
does is
make a chirping noise for the Horizontal circuit.  Osc. and
Output of
horiz. tries to come on as well as secondaries. Screen
voltage supply
seems to not get over 130 volts when turned on. My B+ is 130
Anyone run into this problem before?   Neil

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