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  • Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 08:44:36 -0600

dvd model DVS5450  customer says it skips through all CD's,  I assume dvd's,
Its been playing in my shop for 3 days on the repeat mode,  I've yet to see
it happen,  I cleaned the lens and lubed the rails two weeks ago for same
problem,  and never say any problems then either ?  I wouldn't normally
spend any time on a 75.00 dvd but its part of a system and they are using
Yamaha's patch network so there original remote will operate it and all the
rest, or will any Yamaha dvd player work with it ?  I'm obviously not up on
Yamaha stuff,  there system model is YHT34.  I'm authorized to spend $150.00
on this repair, if it takes a new unit.. so be it. its  an extended warr.
company. I doubt the receiver would cause it.  I only have the player
itself,   your thoughts and input appreciated.  and thank you  for reading
this far
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