[TechAssist] VS4551 mitsubishi , intermitt jagged vertical distortion FIXED,now no power up when cold: thump-thump

  • From: Phil Bader <tjanphyl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 10:30:56 -0500

The fix for the "arcing" vertical distortion was not the yoke 
connection, but many cold solder joints on main board, especially the 
board yoke plugs. Can't believe I missed them all. Resoldered, fixed.
I came in this morning, and the TV being cold and unplugged all night, 
pushed power and I only heard a once per second "thump-thump-thump" 
noise. We feel this may be one of the PS electrolytics with hi ESR, and 
when cold, does this but if warms up, runs OK.
Anyone have any specific tech tip on this model for this???
This will be #3 repair to get this out the door!
Phil Bader

This played two days OK. Then the vertical distorted like arcing, 
pull-up, lines stretched,bowed etc.
I did resolder the vert output IC. If I hit the side of the setwhile 
happening it cleared.
I saw somewhere in a fix email,was to solder the yoke pin.Sounded like 
they meant actually at the yoke (as opposed to on the board) I quote:

"Cure: Found bad solder connection at connector on red yoke. Reason for no 
deflection is these connector run in seres to the other two CRT's."
Anyone care to clarify this?
Phil Bader


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