[TechAssist] Re: UPDATERe: Friends Gateway 500 essential,won't load win98

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For what it is worth, here is a link to the product description page of the
vendor that produces Maxblast, and EZDrive...
 I got there by searching for Microhouse...

Mike Goins

At 05:51 AM 10/12/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Yeah, that installation utility (IBM, Maxtor, WD) all look
>the same when installing, probably same company, but you
>can't transpose one for the other, I've tried it.  Glad you
>mentioned ontrack diskgo.  Now that is something to avoid.
>If anyone sees this on an installation floppy, do not install
>it or use it, try and delete it from the floppy (I've never
>tried that, but you should make a copy of it first in case it
>must be needed for correct operation of the floppy's
>installation utility).  It may be good for diagnosing
>problems, but it loads some software that runs with WINDOWS,
>and from the VERY FIRST boot, the PC will continually try to
>connect to the internet and download all sorts of garbage!
>It does this while you are trying to install all the drivers
>on a new HD or format.  It is in the autoexec.bat, start up
>folder and on C: drive as well as the temp folder.  What a
>pain.  You have to run MSCONFIG and uncheck all instances of
>it there under the startup tab, then uncheck it in the
>autoexec.bat tab, and it also dumps files in the temp folder
>which will also try and run all the time.  Empty that too.
>Even after it's finished downloading all the software, and
>you are through with it, the program runs in the background
>all the time (this is why these things above must be done).
>At this point when it is running, it is some kind of a
>monitoring software.  Personally I think this is more trouble
>that it's worth.  If one runs scandisk and defrags on a
>regular basis, it's not needed.  It's just something else
>running in the background that can cause errors and consume
>memory & resources.  This type software is on the newest
>western digital installation floppy (and the download too).
>I cannot recall if it's on the newest Maxtor installation
>floppy.  What I do is keep an old version of all hardware
>manufacturer's installation utilities and use them instead of
>this new trash.  Now after all this, Ron may not even end up
>having to reformat!  :-)
>God Bless Us All
>Clint Hamilton, Owner
>Tech-Assist Administration
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>Subject: [TechAssist] Re: UPDATERe: Friends Gateway 500
>essential,won't load win98
>  I am not 100% certain , but I think that Western Digital's
>EZDRIVE , and
>Maxtor's MAXBLAST, are just single vendor versions of the
>same program. The
>interface reminds me of Ontrack's "Disk Manager." I think the
>preparation is stii pretty much the same, as generic, as you
>can not really
>low level format most current drives.
>  BTW with  a standard format if you lose the MBR, you simply
>use a
>recovery diskette, and the undocumented, FDISK /MBR,
>  I ran Maxblast when I still had a 486, which hung with
>drives over 8
>Gigabytes. It may be subjective, but I believe the
>Maxblast drive was noticably slower than when I jumpered the
>drive to limit
>size to 7.9G and started clean.
>  It also seems like I had some problems also when I used the
>drive as a
>slave when I added another drive.
>  Also if it is Disk Manager in disguise , the diagnostics
>probably will
>still work on a generically prepared drive.
>  Mike Goins
>At 03:46 AM 10/12/01 -0500, you wrote:
>>Yeah, linux was not the issue here though..that's whole
>>'nother topic.  It is much more stable to use a
>>manufacturer's installation disk, well..because it's their
>>own, and that's exactly why; they do use special formatting
>>procedures which are best suited for their specific name
>>brand hard drive.  Now, ezdrive can be bad news, I don't
>>recommend it, (unless of course like you said, a mobo bios
>>limitation) but I do recommend maxblast installation IF of
>>course a Maxtor HD is used.  It (and so does western
>>digital's, seagate's, etc. versions) loads diagnostic
>>utilities, UDMA & PIO settings, and recovery procedures that
>>can really save your neck.  A 'generic format' does not.  If
>>an MBR virus does hit, you'd probably have problems
>>to a HD regardless of the format method.  With a good AV
>>program and daily updates, this would not that much of a
>>Yes, the win98 CD is bootable and it will format a HD, if of
>>course the mobo's BIOS has the option to boot from a CDROM
>>God Bless Us All
>>Clint Hamilton, Owner
>>Tech-Assist Administration
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>>if replying to this email!!)
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>>Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 3:33 AM
>>Subject: [TechAssist] Re: UPDATERe: Friends Gateway 500
>>essential,won't load win98
>>I personally do not recommend using EZDRIVE, MAXBLAST, or
>>anything like
>>that to setup a harddrive, unless you have a Bios that is
>>with the harddrive. I think these things write their own
>>oddball master
>>boot record, and if any thing happens to it  (i.e. virus)
>>might have
>>problems rewriting it. Also have doubts about these things'
>>with a LILO loader, if you want ever to install Linux.
>>  I believe the W98 CD is bootable, so if you set the CD as
>>the first boot
>>device, it should boot. I think the W98 setup will partition
>>and format the
>>drive. ( I am not 100% sure, because, I always setup
>>manually, because I
>>want more control.
>>At 09:20 PM 10/11/01 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Ron, you never want to run Fdisk unless you absolutely have
>>>to.  Just use the format utility from the hard drive's
>>>manufacturer, this is always the best and fastest way.  The
>>>win98 installation floppy has CDROM drivers on it, that's
>>>it installs windows from the CD.  Do you need me to email
>>>to you?
>>>God Bless Us All
>>>Clint Hamilton, Owner
>>>Tech-Assist Administration
>>>4orpheus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  (alternates)
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>>>From: "Ron Miller" <rlmbkm@xxxxxxxx>
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>>>Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 8:50 AM
>>>Subject: [TechAssist] Re: UPDATERe: Friends Gateway 500
>>>essential,won't load win98
>>>Downloaded GWscan tested hard drive with it failed the
>>>test,time for a new
>>>hard drive.
>>> I do need a Win98 boot disk with a D driver.
>>> Question will the boot disk let me run F-disk and format
>>>new HD?
>>>Attachments and scans OK. rlmbkm@xxxxxxxx       Thanks
>>>Ron Miller
>>>D.T.V. Texas
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>>>From: "Dave" <dazevedo4@xxxxxxxx>
>>>To: <techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 11:18 AM
>>>Subject: [TechAssist] Re: Friends Gateway 500
>>>load win98
>>>> you can also down load gwscan from gateway web site, this
>>>also has a hard
>>>> drive test on it.
>>>> Dave
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>>>> From: "TechAssist Admin."
>>>> To: <techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 8:21 AM
>>>> Subject: [TechAssist] Re: Friends Gateway 500
>>>essential,won't load win98
>>>> >
>>>> > Ron, don't let scandisk run.  What happens when you
>>>> > scandisk, will it then go into windows?  If so, run
>>>> > then.  If not, start in safe mode then go into windows
>>>> > run scandisk.  If it will not boot into safe mode, boot
>>>> > the command prompt (C:) and run scandisk from there and
>>>> > what happens.  Have you tried to restore a previous
>>>> > of the registry?
>>>> > -Clint
>>>> >
>>>> > God Bless Us All
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>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> > From:           "Ron Miller" <rlmbkm@xxxxxxxx>
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>>>> > Subject:        [TechAssist] Friends Gateway 500
>>>> > essential,won't load win98
>>>> > Date sent:      Tue, 9 Oct 2001 15:07:17 -0500
>>>> > Send reply to:  techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> >
>>>> > >
>>>> > > Turn on get Win98 splash screen then scandisk comes
>>>> > tries to run but get
>>>> > > this message:scandisk encountered a data error while
>>>> > reading the FAT on drive C.
>>>> > > This error prevents scandisk from fixing this drive.
>>>> > >  Given this info is the C drive blown or can I make
>>>> > test .
>>>> > > Ron Miller
>>>> > > D.T.V. Texas
>>>> > >
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