[TechAssist] TT2168LS-YB11 HZ Output Transistor

  • From: "Robert McPherson" <rm502@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 08:34:45 -0500

I have a customer set (Sanyo model DS25204 / Chassis DS25204-00) in my shop 
which has a shorted TT2168LS-YB11 HZ Output Transistor, location Q402.  The 
closest service data (As far as I know) for this set is for the Sanyo DS25320 
(HSPF # 4801) which uses a 2SD2578YB for the HZ Output.  The 2SD2578YB is 
physically much larger than the TT2168LS-YB11 used in my customers set.

I havent' been able to find a sub for the TT2168LS-YB11, and I have only 
located the exact # at Tritronics. Also, I have not been able to locate a data 
sheet for the TT2168LS-YB11.  Has anyone come up with a sub for the 
TT2168LS-YB11?  Also - I was wondering, since the related model uses a 
2SD2578YB, how about drilling a mounting hole higher up on the heat sink and 
using a 2SD2578YB instead?  By the way, I have used many 2SD2578s over the 
years, but not ones with the YB suffix. Haven't been able to find a data sheet 
on the YB variation. Anyone know what the YB means?


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