[TechAssist] TOSHIBA - TZ50V61

  • From: Philstv@xxxxxxx
  • To: techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 10:24:57 EDT

Hi All,
I have this set that clicks twice just after plug in. The red indicator light 
comes on and stays on. The set will turn off and on with the power switch and 
when on, there's a faint hissing noise out of the speakers but no HV.
STK's, LA7833, Q501 (jungle) and the +9 volt regulator on the horizontal 
oscillator board have been replaced. There's no drive pulse present. I saw a 
posting of a possible bad yoke. Any other idea's?

Phil@Phil's Electronics
C.E.T. GNN3799

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