[TechAssist] TA Philips 60PP9363H17. DPTV335..dead, chirps...

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I know, I know...small signal module..or the convergence amps.
This set came in dead. It seems some little critters made a home inside this 
set and one of the shorted
7301, one of it's diodes and it's fuse.
I replaced these parts, then set would come on, chirp. It would fire up with 
1518 disconnected. SSM
problem, right?
Well, I replaced the SSM and had the same problem. I tried the convergence 
signal module and SSB in
another set and that set fired up fine.
With the new SSM in this unit, I had the original problem..only for a few 
seconds..then it went dead.
Found no drive on connector 1510 caused by a faulty HOP panel...I replaced this 
panel and am back to the
chirp..but still does start with the SSM disconnected...
I am suspecting the new SSM took the HOP panel out and still has problems...
Has anyone received any bad SSM? The original module, I replaced the 
convergence chips, checked the audio
IC..but it was still dead.
I would replace the convergence chips on this new module, but if they aren't 
the problem, I'm afraid of no
getting credit on this board...
Advice, please?
Thank you.
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