[TechAssist] Re: Sony Proj KP53HS10 Convergence

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 21:47:41 -0500

Mr. Know-it-all...anyone with intelligence would include the email thread so 
others know what he is
talking about. Do you expect us to guess which response you are replying to?
You come off high and mighty, yet you can't even follow the simple rules of 
this list. I bet you over half
the people on this list have more experience than you, so I suggest you watch 
your step.
This list (and it's members) have been around ling before you decided to pop on 
here and criticize those
that don't do it YOUR way.
1. Not everyone on this list has the same training as you.
2. You have no idea of the background of any of us, so stop judging...(Are you 
a Repair World reject).
3. You have so far broken TWO of the guidelines of this list, which I believe 
are sent to new people when
they join..did you read them? If not...don't jump on others, you have no right.
You have nothing constructively to say, than shut the hell up.
You don't like our discussions, than leave.

I suggest you shut your mouth (keyboard) and monitor for a while. I'm sure you 
could learn something from
the more experienced, mature techs on this list..

Jeff Dougherty
Intrepid Video TV/VCR
263 S Front St
Steelton PA 17113
www.intrepid-video.com www.tech-repair.net

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I have been in business since 1974.  Factory authorized for Sony, Mitsubishi,
Philips, and Sharp.  Have been authorized for JVC, Toshiba, and Panasonic in
the past.
I have jack legs down the street that don't know shit from shinola and I have
to work behind them all the time.  This includes the major stores that are
supposed to have their own service for their customers such as CONN"S Appliance.
  The name says it all.

We all are stressing with the throw away society and are doing less revenue
than we have done in the past.  We do not need trade school people taking
business away from us  guys that have gutted out the bad times to survive.

Maybe these guys need to take the time and money to go to the factory
training schools so they can learn like we did.  We have to get training just 
to keep
our authorizations and giving it all to the want to be's is not an option.

It's time we woke up as an industry and keep what business we have.

I have no problem with someone wanting to go in business but they need to
take the time and money to do it right without depending on the easy way out.  
had to be better trained before we went into business and better financed.  I
did not have the luxury of the easyway out.  We had to diagnose the problems

I know there are many of our brothers out there that agree with me.  The new
guys don't have a clue what happens in bad times when revenues are low and we
still have to pay the same overhead.

Maybe the guy that was saying to go easy on the unauthorized centers was one

Rocky Montgomery, Pres.
Hi-Tech Electronics, Inc.

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