[TechAssist] Re: Sony PlayStation 2 Controllers Don't Work ?

  • From: VideoVann@xxxxxxx
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  • Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 15:06:44 EST

John, From my notes..."Controller Port - No Activity - Problem was PS9, a 
surface mount fuse (replaced with a.5A fuse) which
supplies power to the controller port circuit"         Hope this helps, Clint 
Vanorsdell DBA Video Van, 90 Rockland St., Hanover, MA  

In a message dated 2/6/04 2:05:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
spacenut@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Hi Everyone;

     Have this playstation 2 that the customer said the controllers stopped
working. verified controllers on another unit they are OK. Is there a fuse,
or I.C. that causes this? I remember reading someplace about how to fix this
just can't remember how!

Thanks in Advance;

John Mikowich
East Side tv.
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