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  • From: Phil Bader <tjanphyl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 15:28:34 -0500

Usually there is a "elder services" department you could talk to. Not as a
complaintant, just to put a bug in their ear. they can figure a way to stop by 
check and see if she is eligible for any of their programs,etc. this gives them 
chance to look around. I bet she is in a living hell and would love a senior 
where she gets three meals and care. You, know, the state may, if the house is
hers, accept it in exchange for her life time keep in a nice facility. Better 
And that worthless son will be out on his carcass and have to actually work for 
living and say "sir" to someone...or jail.
Go for it.

Doug Keller wrote:

> The guy where I went to that service call yesterday treats his mom like
> a piece of crap. I had told Sandie that I really didn't want to go
> because of the way he treats her makes me want to get up and bust a few
> teeth out of his head. (I have been there before) She said to just
> ignore him. He got to yelling at her while I was there and called her a
> "stupid f**king b*tch". I almost lost it. She is 70 years old and he is
> 46. He has never lived anywhere but home, has no job, and to my
> knowledge hasn't drawn a sober breath in over 25 years! When I went
> back, he was gone and I apologized to her for him treating her that way.
> She started crying and said that he is mean to her. I need some input
> guys. Is there anything I could do or anyone I can contact about this,
> or should I just stay out of it? It really upset me because my mom is
> dead now. I just wish I had a few hours that I could still talk to her
> and tell her I loved her. Then to have to watch and listen to this kind
> of crap.
> Doug Keller
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> Phil Bader wrote:
> >A very sweet senior lady called me from the local senior towers about
> >her Sharp 25" TV with no sound. My back is out this week, and I urged
> >her to have a family member bring it in to save a lot of charges. Today,
> >she called and said her son will carry it in for her.
> >He is a (self employed?) exterminator, she explained, but should be able
> >to work this in between calls.
> >Well he got here. After filling out the invoice, I asked for his
> >mother's phone number. He looked blank." I really don't know it.I don't
> >have it written down anywhere" as he padded his pockets. Now, this is a
> >fellow who apparently lives and works local, his mom is local, in a
> >small town.
> >He did't know his own mother's phone number???
> >Good gosh. Says a lot.
> >Folks, our moms won't be here forever, and we won't need to remember the
> >number long...
> >Know your mom's phone number by heart.
> >I felt so bad, after he left I just stopped working here and gave mine a
> >"hello" call
> >Ya know, it didn't cost me a dime.And I'll see her at dinner tonight.
> >Phil
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Philip Bader
Jan Phyl TV Inc. (estab. 1976)
3420 Recker Hwy. Winter Haven, Fl. 33880
Fax (863) 299-8821
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