[TechAssist] RCA M#D52w19 Chassis ITC222 Shuts down, tries 3 times

  • From: "Mouton's Electronics" <moutons@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:03:20 -0600

Hi everyone
This set has a leaky red CRT and somehow leaked on the Red Drive board and the 
Blue Drive board. Both have burn marks on them and I disconnected both boards 
leaving just the green. My question is can this chassis operate with just the 
green board connected or with out any of them connected?  I have tried both 
ways and the set starts up then shuts down, it retries 3 time. 

Another problem, someone suggested changing the small signal board. First I 
would like to check the error codes but I can't find the service connector to 
connect chipper checker. Chipper lists this chassis as one it will communicate 
with but doesn't tell you a thing about where to connect it, it only tells what 
interface to use to connect to the chassis and I haven't found a similar plug 
anywhere. How are we suppose to download the eeproms and reload into another 
ssb? Guess we are expected to realign the whole chassis, that's another whole 

Also, there is no trouble shooting procedure on the thomsonnetwork for this 
chassis so if anyone has a trouble shooting procedure to determine if the SSB 
is at fault please forward it to me. I have never changed this module before 
and don't want to spend $300 for a new one, change the CRT, and 2 crt drive 
boards and still have a problem.  

Moutons Electronics

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