[TechAssist] RCA D52W20YX1 Convergence

  • From: "Valley TV" <valleytv@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 09:07:18 -0500

Hi Everyone.. "Another" week..
I encountered a problem with a D52W20YX1 (ATC221) that
I have not run into before.  Poor convergence in the
bottom left side was apparent as I walked in the door.
I expected to find a problem on the convergence circuit
board and was surprised that everything tested fine.=20
I accessed the factory menu and found the green was out
and was really surprised that it adjusted perfectly.
I saved my settings & then ran the sensor setup & was
once again surprised that the screen flashed RED
instead of green when it completed.  I thought maybe
my memory was wrong & red was the color the screen
DID flash at the end but... I exited the factory menu
& shut the set off.  Convergence was perfect when=20
restarted & I left it heat up 15 minutes then started
the customer autoconvergence feature.. Hmmm. Unit only
started the procedure for 8-9 seconds and quit.. Seemed
to do it on red & did no "damage" to the convergence but
customer was not happy. I ran it a few times and SOMETIMES
it went through the whole procedure but usually stopped
in the first 8 seconds..  I'm frazzled.. Any thoughts??


Valley TV
Drums, PA office

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