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          Dunno bout that. These Larger ones Like RCA and NAP seem to have
too much bureaucratic overhead going on to make any exceptions. RCA wants
you to own just about every type of Test Equipment that out there before you
can even submit the Application. Like someone else wrote, its mainly because
they want you to do all the 1st time Failures which is not Cost Effective at
all......especially if you just took out a loan for all the Test Equipment
they want you to have, you wind up working for free alot of the time, and if
you have a storefront with overhead,  good luck !

          Another interesting one is Samsung. Only thing Stopping me is the
Manditory Insurance. Yet another Expense we are to bear. Having that
Conflicts with the Idea that you are a Skilled and Professional Servicer. I
suppose there are some shops who it would come in handy if they are scared
of making a huge Blunder on a repair, but I never will take a Job if I feel
I cannot do it right in the 1st Place. Some of the larger cities have a Law
that requires Insurance too. This is one of the idiocy ideas that the rest
of the World must adopt the methods of Large Cities, because some people
there have plundered or Scammed people in the past.  No one gets a Fresh
Start because of what some moron did back in X,Y,Z.....its absurd, and now
you begin to see what these Stupid Laws are doing to the Industries they
were intended to protect. They were Short Term Solutions at best.

Steve Hearns
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Don't worry about it. When they get desparate enough for servicers, they
will relax their requirements. Too many shops are closing their doors.

Doug Keller
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won't live long enough to make them all yourself"

armando guerra wrote:

>Thanks to all the reply's on becoming an rca asc.I downloaded the
>app.from the rca website and there are quite a few
>requirements,i.e.chipper-check which I don't have and just a few more as
>far as equipment is concerned.I talked to a rca rep.and he mentioned
>that the new chipper-check is now going to cost about $500.00.Also,the
>service lit. is about $300.00.yearly.The thing that has me worried is
>that he say's that I have to buy all the parts myself and that they will
>reinburse me at the wholesale price when I file the claim.What about if
>the claim is rejected for some reason.I get stuck with all this expense.
>How about the new HD parts.Can you imagine if I have 3 or 4 sets in here
>and I have to order parts for all of them.I hear most of the repairs
>will be board replacement only.
>I think that I am going to think about all this for a awhile yet before
>I decide.
>Birdie's TV & Electronics
>Casa  Grande,AZ
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