[TechAssist] Re: Power Supplies Specs.

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Is there a way for me search some sort of tech board instead of receiving 
the emails?


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>Elias, this does not depend on brand, but on specific model
>numbers.  They are all going to be different.  For
>example....a scanner; one may have a 12v 1.5a adapter, and
>another will have a 15v 1.0a adapter, and still one may be
>center post neg. and the other center post positive.  Some
>will be AC adapters, some will be DC adapters.  Some scanners
>will have conventional 3.5mm male mini plugs, some will have
>female plugs, and some may have 5 or 6 pin configurations.
>Plus to an even greater extent their internal ps specs are
>going to be even more different.  You would have to go to the
>websites of every scanner manufacturer and look at every one
>of their model numbers, then look at the ps specs for each
>Clint Hamilton, Owner
>Tech-Assist Administration
>(PLEASE include previous correspondence
>if replying to this email!!)
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>From: "Ellias Attias" <Ellias@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 2:52
>Subject: [TechAssist] Power Supplies Specs.
>Hello all!
>I am involved in a survey about Power Supplies of various
>consumer =
>products, such as:
>Printers - most popular : IBM, Epson, HP. Cannon, Sharp, Etc.
>DVR - TiVo, Replay,
>Satellite Set Top Box - Pace, Direct TV, Echo Star
>Cable Modem - Motorola, SA
>Game Station - X-Box, Play Station, Nintendo,
>I will be very grateful to you all if can send to me the
>Power supply =
>specifications (all voltages and their associated current
>supplied to =
>the various circuits and devices, connectors and pinout) of
>the above =
>listed products.=20
>Once I have completed this list I will be glad to deliver it
>to every =
>member who is interested in this list.
>Thank you very much.
>Ellias Attias
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