[TechAssist] Re: Philips/Magnavox TS2554C107/ 25B700 fixed vert.now tuner inop. A/V OK

  • From: Bill Grabowski <bgrabowski@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:16:09 -0500

I believe there's a ferrite fuse that sometimes opens that feeds the 
video jungle area if my memory serves me right its like F442 or F443.

Bill Grabowski
Triangle Appliance

Phil Bader wrote:
> Similar to the 25B800 chassis...
> The  customer moved the set across the room. Was OK before. The vert 
> output IC500 had cold solder and blew the usual parts:
> IC500: TDA9302H
> D445, D409 both 483513037094
> R445, R420 both 1 ohm 1/3 watt# 483511657109
> Now, powers up OK, with HV, OSD works, but no tuner operation. Black screen.
> Entered OSD and chenged "input" to A/V, connected my DVD player and rear 
> inputs work OK with good pix and sound. Tuner is getting voltages (+33V, 
> +5V).
> Since this all worked before the move, I am remembering a reference to 
> this vertical failure corrupting the eeprom. Any thoughts on this?
> (after all, the move,nor the vertical issue should damage the tuner).
> And lastly, IF the eeprom is suspect, on this model, can this eeprom be 
> completely removed,as a test, and the TV powered on,to see if tuning is 
> restored?
> Of course many parameters will not be stored.
> Phil Bader

Bill Grabowski
Triangle Appliance
Kenosha,Wi 53142
262-694-6523 fax

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