[TechAssist] Panasonic PVl452..shuts down

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 20:48:55 -0500

I haven't done many camcorders, but this is for a neighbor..
Unit shuts down after tape starts, whether in REC, FF, REW or REC mode.
If in play or rec, it will perform play back, good picture, but shuts down in 
about 3 seconds.
I haven't found where to turn the counter on to see if the reel sensor is 
Can anyone lead me in the right direction or case histories on this model?
Thank you.

Jeff Dougherty
Intrepid Video TV/VCR
263 S Front St
Steelton PA 17113
www.intrepid-video.com www.tech-repair.net

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