[TechAssist] Re: New XP update/ screwed up my computer

  • From: "Damon" <damon101@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <techassist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 08:09:45 -0500

Yeah, you ain't kiddin'....I get a message everytime I activate IE6 that
Windows messenger has an update...Click on Yes and it goes to a page that
doesn't exist anymore....so SP2 is on it's way, free of charge via CD...OK,
I hope it doesn't gag my 'puter.

 Yes you can activate/disable Messenger and Firewall, but you have to use
Help to get you there. And yes, pop-ups, viruses, spyware all attacked me
because SOMETHING turned off my Spysweeper and Norton AntiVirus at various
times after install.....but now it's stable.

But at least I learned how to use Regedit because of that situation. Oh, and
Safe mode too.
I guess since I haven't heard from Kazaa about their software activation
problems, I may have to FORMAT my drive to get whatever Hidden software off
of it....and I KNOW IT IS KAZAA-LITE that caused Version 2.6.6 to lock me
out....I haven't had that piece of junk on my computer for over 2 years.....

Damon Brunger
Telrad Electronics
Fort Wayne, IN
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From: "Bil Green" <tv.vcrrepair@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [TechAssist] Re: New XP update/ screwed up my computer

| Although XP is much more stable than Windows 9x it has problems.
| It's bloated software
| Needs a ton on memory
| Has annoying pop-up menus and messages
| Too many Services are turned on by default (creating a serious
| security problem if you don't know enough to disable some of
| them).
| Companies like Dell and Gateway routinely sell systems with
| inadequate amounts of memory and don't make it clear to the
| customer that they need to purchase much more. So they just
| plug along and suffer.
| By default all the eye candy is enabled (and few people know
| that it needs to be disabled, or how to do it). All the fancy
| stuff eats up memory even when it's not being used (unnecessary
| special effects for menus, etc.)
| Bil Green
| PC 1000
| Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
| 760-924-1000
| Wednesday, October 6, 2004, 10:51:57 AM, you wrote:
| Lwc> Hi Robert,
| Lwc>      You are correct in assuming that with reasonable care you can
get away
| Lwc> with XP as it comes out of the box. The issues that I have seen so
far are
| Lwc> usually related to the customers inadequacies in computer management.
I.E. a
| Lwc> firewall. I haven't had any issues with windows XP to speak of here
and I just
| Lwc> started using it once SP2 came out and before I ever heard of any
problems with it
| Lwc> itself. I'm a baby with XP at this point. Although my overall
| Lwc> experience is a masters degree. Makes it far easier to accomplish
using it with good
| Lwc> credentials. Unfortunately my customers generally don't have my years
| Lwc> experience. This is where the problems arise. I personally thought I
would never
| Lwc> give up 95. I eventually moved to 98, which I prefer but I have found
the more
| Lwc> experience I have with all of Microsoft's OS's the better off I am
from a
| Lwc> profit potential standpoint.
| Lwc>
| Lwc> Lindsey Altman
| Lwc> At Home Service Company
| Lwc> 440 Cedar Ave.
| Lwc> Claxton, Ga. 30417
| Lwc> athomeservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
| Lwc> labeauxman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
| Lwc> (912)739-1019
| Lwc> Hi Lindsey,
| Lwc> I've been using XP Pro with SP1 update at home for almost a year with
| Lwc> problems.
| Lwc> I use 98SE on 2 computers at home and 7 computers here at shop. 4 of
| Lwc> have had problems but only 2 were OS, 1 was power supply 1 was
| Lwc> I expect to have problems with XP because it is software
| Lwc> and software and electronics give trouble thats how we make our
| Lwc> ----- Original Message -----
| >> Hi Robert,
| >>      Windows hasn't worked/been right since the beginning of it's
| Lwc> creation.
| >> Without the updates with XP you couldn't use it for long. Also
| Lwc> will
| >> provide free phone support for issues related to SP2 problems. They
| Lwc> to
| >> be fairly knowledgeable as well. So if you have issues related to it be
| Lwc> sure
| >> and contact them. It's been my experience they are willing to help. For
| Lwc> issues
| >> related to SP2 after installation contact a Microsoft specialist at
| >> SP2-HELP (772-4357). HTH
| >>          Lindsey

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