[TechAssist] Re: JVC SR-L901U time lapse playback problem

  • From: peggs <peggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:27:27 -0800

sounds like bad heads.
Asti sells 'em for $45.00 cost.
Might buy 1 set to see..............


At 09:42 AM 2/23/04, J Silverman wrote:
>Has a problem with the 24 hour playback. Supposed to record 10 pictures per
>second and then play the same picture back 3 times to provide compatibility
>with the NTSC system. Only plays back 10 pictures per second causing snow on
>the monitor. Works fine on 8 hour record mode and the 24 hour recordings
>play back OK in the 8 hour mode. Appears as if something is wrong with the
>24 hour playback head select but all the service manual says about it is
>that the 24 hour playback head select is done with an "preset algorithm".
>Have 5 units here with the same problem.
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