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Gentlemen and ladies
You are only as old as you feel
Last year I started doing something I never thought I would do
I started racing Atv's I was the oldest rookie in the NEATV the New 
England ATV series
At some races I was the oldest rider out of 500     NOW THAT MAKES YOU 
When you look at all these  younger riders  .
My job was super stressful my business is struggling lust like everyone 
else  but when I went to the doctor for my check up
He said your blood pressure is down and your weight is down, what are 
you doing?
I told him and he said, "well its working keep it up"
My15 year old got me into it. and now we have a full blown race team.
When me stress is up I go jump on a bike and ride.
I know it is the norm but it works for me
Since I started this business has picked up and stress has dropped
NEXT YEAR will be great I want to extend a happy new year to everyone
Bob in Worcester I am said to see you go us mas**** have to stick together

Happy new year everyone

Old TV Man wrote:

>This old TV Man would like to add his wishes to all you good guys (you
>too ED) for a Happy and better New Year.
>Don calls his self the old man. Does he really know?
>Max Bonnell
>Bonnell TV
>Robinson, IL 
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>Happy New Year to all you good people out there. May 2006 bring you
>peace health and prosperity. 
>(The old guy ) 
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Thomas S. Woodward

Tri-Valley Repair
Tri-Valley Racing

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