[TechAssist] Happy New Year ???

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  • Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 01:03:30 EST

I am taking this time to say that I wish all of you good health in the new  
year ......I must say that the tone lately about NLA parts is  getting 
ridiculous  ..... what gives ....is the almighty yen that  important ....In the 
run yes but in the long run ????? I am seeing NLA  parts on HDTV's .... I put 
the blame on the manufacturers .. and saying that  ...I thank all of you for 
your help wisdom and friendship this past year  ......God Bless all of you ... 
as it has been said to me many times ....." God  must be looking out for us in 
the service industry cause nobody else is  ..........Lets make 2006 even 
better ...I will start out positive !!! and hopes  you all do too 
Kirk C Najarian
- Service Director  
KCN Electronics 
29150 Minton Ave 
Livonia Mi  48150-3122
313 971 3482 
Consumer & Gaming Electronics Service  .
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Proud Member of Tech Assist  Since 2003
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