[TechAssist] Fw: computer technique for non Gurus

  • From: AL LEATHERMAN <alleathe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 22:59:02 -0400

Subject: computer technique for non Gurus

> HP Vectra VE, customer screwed audio, would not go back on with its own
> discs or plug and pray!
> Remember a "guru" suggested removing all the boards except simple vga card
> and re-installing win98,with updates. I did this after de frag and disc
> scan.
>     I then installed the whole cd that came with the sound card BEFORE
> restarting computer.I even installed all the "extras".
>    I shut down the computer, installed the sound card, and fired up the
> puter. Audio was perfect.I figure their kids hit the wrong keys(games up
> gazoo) and deleted
> part of the audio drivers (volume control gone) and win98 fought the
> drivers. They also had a fancy video accelerator that I will re install
> tomorrow.
>      I worked on this computer on and off for weeks,no audio, so I am
> this worked. The gurus may feel this is obvious, but it wasn't to me. Hope
> this helps somebody.
>    Any "gurus" kind enough to explain the theory on this.I would
> al
> May God give us strength
> Al's TV
> 224 Rt. 46
> Mine Hill, NJ. 07803
> 973-361-5796
> alleathe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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