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Subject: ViewSonic Monitor

I have 2 viewsonic monitors same model G810 but different versions,and 2 yrs 
apart in mfr.. Both have problems in horiz. The model G810-2M has intermittent 
high voltage... Possible bad flyback?
The other G810 but model# VCDTS23852-6M it is my monitor that I use as I write 
this has a loud pop at turn on or coming out of sleep mode line running from 
left to right, wants to break down horizontally to white line then recovers, 
works ok till I turn it off and back the next time at turn on.
I need service manuals on both of these and input if anyone has repaired one of 
these, I think there made by Panasonic.
Perry Thorpe
Thorpe Electronic
Beattyville,KY 41311
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