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Tec's for those that have not used nor signed up for Parts Miner's Free Trade 
....may want to read the following to see if you would be interested in new pay
subscription service they are offering.
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Subject: PartMiner introduces premium component research products

Dear PartMiner Free Trade Zone user,

Since June 2000, PartMiner has provided access to the world's
largest electronic component database free of charge via the Web.
Starting shortly, PartMiner is moving to a subscription model for
access to some of the most advanced and in-depth information in its
CAPS iContent database.

The PartMiner CAPS Selector product will continue to provide free
access to part number search and data sheets for components
currently being manufactured.  This will be available to all
registered users of the PartMiner Free Trade Zone web site.

A subscription to the PartMiner CAPS Advisor product will provide
additional high-value information, such as component replacement
listings, part life-cycle status, detailed specifications, and
information on components that are no longer being manufactured.
This product is geared toward procurement professionals and
engineers who identify alternative parts for improved design,
reduced costs, and more robust sourcing options.  Call 1-888-232-
0701 (U.S.A. and Canada) or +1-631-501-2430 (Outside North America)
or email contentsales@xxxxxxxxxxxxx to subscribe. Click here for
more information:

The PartMiner CAPS Expert product provides additional functionality
beyond what is available in the Advisor product.  This product can
be purchased through PartMiner partner IHS, which can offer
integrated information solutions and a worldwide network of customer
support specialists.  The CAPS Expert product and includes advanced
parametric search, keyword search, QPL listings for mil-spec parts,
application notes, package and pinout information, similar and
mating parts listings for PCB connectors, and other data supporting
detailed product design.  PartMiner CAPS Expert has broad
applicability across multiple departments of organizations that
design electronic systems, buy parts for volume production, and
maintain systems over their entire service lives.  Contact IHS at l
800-716-3447 (toll-free, U.S.A. and Canada) or +1-303-397-2896 or
email info@xxxxxxx to subscribe.  Click here for more information
from IHS:

All or portions of the component information listed above is also
available within applications provided by the following partners:
Innoveda, Mentor Graphics, Electronics Workbench, Zuken, and
Manugistics.  Please contact these companies directly to learn how
to access our content from within their applications.

Jeremy Young
Vice President, Marketing
PartMiner, Inc.


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