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There are specific statutes in each state about bad checks.
Here in NY we can charge a premium of $25 on a REDEEMED check.
If they make you go the court route, you can get a judgement up to 3 times
the face value of the check.

When we get a rubber check, ALL WORK STOPS on their equipment until the 
is redeemed + the fee. I then give them the opportunity to pay for the 
entire job up front
then and there, or ask that it will be paid IN CASH before the return trip.

The fact that THEY didn't call YOU and appologize  before now , makes 
them shady in
my book!

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>Subject: Need policy advice
>>Pulled light box,decent home,people seemed nice,collected check for $173 
>>up front.Friday I saw check bounced(on my computer)gave estimate Saturday 
>>on phone,customer had LOTS of questions,never mentioned check,got paper 
>>check back Monday,still no call from customer.
>>  I am definitely going to demand they buy bback the check for 
>>$185,including my banks fee.
>>    Should I continue the repair,since I have to deliver it?I think I will 
>>play it by ear after discussing the check,waiting a few days, so I can say 
>>I was waiting for them to call me.
>>I think it all depends on their attitude,since they will owe me another 
>>   What do you folks think? Thanks!
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>>DO NOT USE:  alleathe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>Al Leatherman
>>Al's TV  Mine Hill, NJ. 07803
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