[TechAssist] Fanuc Industrial monitor( Matsushita TX-1424AB) need parts ID

  • From: Phil Bader <tjanphyl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 22:00:46 -0500

This is a color 14" monitor that is part of an undustrial plastics 
mulding machine by Fanuc Robotics at a local plant. It has a  
proprietary video plug assy and operates either 110 volt or 220vac with 
a selector switch. I switched over to 120VAC for troubleshooting.
ID plate says:
Chassis family TQF83825
Model TX-1424AB
 There is a side mounted power supply board about 5x5 inches.
Following parts bad:
reg transistor (plastic case  HOT size) "C3212A"
Diode D811 (glass body with white band, no markings) shorted
Diode  D812 (on black body: 7G  15DF   6) shorted
1 watt blue resistor open: (on body: 5R 6J 1W) good half measures about  
2 ohms from middle to one end.
That's all I find. Any assist or schematic needed.
Their whole system is down!
(This monitor is quoted as $3300.00 for them to replace!)
Phil Bader


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