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First thing to do, is to make sure your dish is tuned in, before messing
with the roof antenna.
Remove the Diplexers, and install barrel nuts (F-81) connectors. This will
give you a straight shot from the dish to the Sat. RX.
Now,....bring up the menu and select point dish, or signal strength meter.
Tune the dish, till you get max. signal strength.

Next,... you need to know what kind of an Ant. amp. is installed. If it's an
Antenna pre-amp, that works off a seperate pwr, supply,...then you need a
direct line for this ,also.
If it's just a signal amp.,   it should feed through the diplexer OK.
My experience with diplexers has always been negative. I never use them.
Always run seperate lines for roof Ant. system. Anytime I used a diplexer, I
ended up throwing the dam things away.


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Subject: [TechAssist] DSS signal distro question

>Customer installed his own Sony DTV system.  They told me they could not
>the receiver to lock on to the signal.  I rarely mess with satellite
>installations but the installer in the area has missed 2 appointments
>already and will not call them back.  Anyway, they are using a diplexer to
>combine antenna and sat signal into one and splitting back up at the tv.  I
>put my inline signal meter in to see if the dish was aimed properly and it
>is pegged out but no signal at the receiver.
>The antenna is going through an amplifier before it goes into the diplexer.
>My question is, does the line coming from the antenna amplifier need to go
>into a power pass connector as well as the DSS line?  I've heard of this
>problem before.  The diplexer installed now has only one power pass jack on
>it which the DSS goes into.  Thanks for any help!!
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