[TechAssist] Re: DSS signal distro question

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  • Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 12:35:09 EDT

It is always best to run two lines, one for the Antenna and another for the 
dish. If it were not an amplified antenna you would not have a problem as 
long as both diplexers have dc pass on ONE SIDE ONLY. Your problem is that 
you are trying to use two power supplies on one line. You might try taking 
the antenna amp out of the circuit. However I have always found that all 
problems go away if you just run another line for the Antenna. 
Tommy Herman
Herman TV
Taylorsville NC 28681


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> Customer installed his own Sony DTV system.  They told me they could not get
> the receiver to lock on to the signal.  I rarely mess with satellite
> installations but the installer in the area has missed 2 appointments
> already and will not call them back.  Anyway, they are using a diplexer to
> combine antenna and sat signal into one and splitting back up at the tv.  I
> put my inline signal meter in to see if the dish was aimed properly and it
> is pegged out but no signal at the receiver.
> The antenna is going through an amplifier before it goes into the diplexer.
> My question is, does the line coming from the antenna amplifier need to go
> into a power pass connector as well as the DSS line?  I've heard of this
> problem before.  The diplexer installed now has only one power pass jack on
> it which the DSS goes into.  Thanks for any help!!
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> AMX programming
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