[TechAssist] Re: Computer question: unnecessary files

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  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:46:33 -0500

All deleting  files will do, is free up disk space. Only RUNNING 
APPLICATIONS will slow the cpu!
You probably  have a mess of spybots in your system.-or worse maybe a 
virus or two.
Get and run spybot s&d and ad-aware. Don't worry...they're free!
AVG has free anti-virus...so no excuses..OK? ;-)

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Tvcr9@xxxxxxx wrote:

>Hello folks-  My computer has slowed down a lot lately (operating  system is 
>Windows XP). One of the things I was advised to do by a local  tech is to 
>delete all unnecessary files. I went into my Add Remove Programs  area, but 
>having a tough time determining what programs I should keep and  which ones I 
>should remove. Is there a general, safe rule to follow here ?   Many thanks.
>Bill's Electronics
>Chandler, Arizona
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