[TechAssist] Re: Can't Access Drives (4 partition Windows system)

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Got a virus scanner?
Weird things like this can also happen with defective software and/or 
drivers also.
I had a bad burner software package shutdown any access to the "my 
computer" tree because a minor crash would occur
due the drive with the bad software was being queried. I Removed the 
offending package and all was well.

Thats just one example of software strangeness. Think of what was 
recently installed that might have contributed to the problem.
Conversely, the Unistall process may have gone badly. Did you try a non 
destructive system restore?

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Bil Green wrote:

>Can't Access Drives
>I can't open Windows Explorer or any window, which displays all
>the files on my 4 partition Windows 2000 system. If I try it
>locks up the system.
>I recently uninstalled RestoreIt, which had installed an
>additional partition for storing restore points and this did
>disappear during the uninstall.
>I have dual boot with Windows XP (and it works fine)
>These are the things I've tried, none of which have helped much:
>1. Ran Chksdk using /p and /r in the Recovery Console and this
>sometimes gets things back to normal for a while
>2. Deleted all the partitions on my hard drive, created new
>partitions and copied everything back (Ghost 8.0 partition copy).
>Worked fine for many hours and then the problem returned.
>3. Did a Repair install of Windows 2000 
>4. Reinstalled the motherboard drivers
>PC 1000
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>Mammoth Lakes, CA 
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