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You need to buy a motor starting relay. They are rated in horsepower, as
well as volts and amps. You can buy them with or without built in overload
protection and replaceable contacts.
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> I have a shop that has a side on it where I may store sets, park a vehicle
> ect.  I also have an air compressor in there with a hose reel on the
> that I can use to blow out some of the very nasty sets I get at times.
> time I have to open the 8 foot garage door to turn on the compressor so I
> decided to install a remote switch on the outside of the bldg by the hose
> reel & use it to turn on the compressor via a relay.  I ordered a 10 amp
> 220v rated with a 24v control relay  from  Mouser electronics, mounted it
> a box & hooked up the relay to switch the compressor on & off.  This is a
> double pole relay as the comp is 220vac.  It worked fine for about a week
> then quit.   I found no continuity on one set of contacts of the relay.
> control coil worked fine though but only had both  110v inputs but only 1
> 110v output.   I ordered another relay & it worked for about 2 weeks.
> the first one apart & found the contacts badly arced.  I need to put
> something across the contacts to prevent arcing but don`t know what to
> Any ideas?   Appreciate any comments.   Larry P
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