[TechAssist] '88 Buick Reatta: Electronic Control Cntr

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  • Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 08:25:23 -0600

This is a bit off subject, perhaps, but it does involve the radio in this
car. This 1988 has a advanced (for it's time) control and display system of
most all electronic functions in the car. The in-dash CRT display has a
touch to activate panel over it's face to select changes of climate control,
view gages, etc, and the radio functions.
Well, on this unit the CRT display is dead right now. It had been working
just fine but only intermittently. If I would tap, bang on the housing it
would come in for a time and all worked well but then the image would jitter
sideways and then go blank with just a vertical line thru center.... then
totally dead.
I suspected bad solder connections and went over a great number of
resolderings..... none looked suspicious.... only to have it still totally
dead. In spite of this, the radio still can be heard and touching the blank
screen will change stations etc. but you can't see what you are doing. The
radio itself and other circuitry are housed in the shift console but
surprised that even with the display, control center entirely unplugged, the
radio still plays fine?
  I have checked on the multipin connector to the display unit and find a
pin with 12vdc on it and one or two with 5vdc on it but don't seem to find
12vdc on the CRT filament terminals or any B+ on the HOT. It's difficult to
locate and get at any common checkpoints since it is all enclosed in a metal
framework when you have it hooked up.
  I wondering if anyone else out there has run into this or similar unit and
if anyone knows of the solution..... of course a schematic would help but
probably not readily available.
  If anyone can shed some lite on this, it would be appreciated... one tech
mentioned a relay being responsible but there are no relays on any of the
circuitry on the display assembly. Several relays are on the car's other
electronics housed in the shift console but don't see anything that would
relate to this portion of the system.
Again..... thanks.
Harlan Garbe
Garbe Electronics
4552  368th Ave.
Montevideo, MN 56265
(320) 269-5249 (voice & fax)

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