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  • From: "Vincent C. Fulco" <vfulco@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tech-spec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 23:09:39 -0500

Dear Tech-Specs-

I've just begun to scratch the surface of creating presentation quality graphs in R for my startup venture. Apropos to my search for any and all docs, I came across a piece which nicely documents numerous R graphs and their accompanying code. Examples include 3D Bivariate Normal Density, 3D Scatterplot, 3D wireframe and a Hexagon Binning Matrix among others, all in pretty vivid color, at least for a stats package. May help some folks with visualization of data.




I plan on making a more substantial contribution, specifically some looping and other bits of amateurish code, after mid-Feb when I get past the CAIA Level I exam and the first couple of weeks of capital raising efforts for the venture. Hope this counts as an appetizer until then.


Vince Fulco

P.S. Was Linux and core apps designed to be a sadistic path to a never ending study program?...learning R leads to (possibly) needing to learn Ggobi, perl, python, mysql, etc, etc...

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