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I have 8 computers here (at home)
5 windows (wifes, kids 2 mine, and recording studio) and 3 linux

yet I like the windows platform for editing etc

so i installed R, MySQL, and perl on my WINDOWS laptop (3.2 Ghz) , and it
works great
I use EditPlus and I have created a word file for syntax highliting (if
anyone is interested...)

I do use linux for stuff (such as web servers, R, MySQL etc) but if you know
how to configure SAMBA then linux becomes just another extension of your
network. so you use a regular windows editor where you have a mapped disk to
the linux and the have a nice telnet shell open (i use SecureCRT) just to
run the scripts when I need the linux stuff

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> Henry Carstens wrote:
> >
> > BBEdit if using a Mac,
> >
> > http://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/index.shtml
> >
> > --h
> I was hoping for a cross-platform solution. In my research I have noticed
> that a couple of the potential solutions also provide Python editing
> facilities and as Python is my modeling language of choice I am thinking
> heading in that direction.
> Dirk suggests that I reconsider joining the church of emacs and I reply
> membership is effectively limited to full-time coders due to the
> of the program and the steepness of the learning curve.
> Finally, CVS support would be another neat feature of the right package.
>     --jab

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