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  • Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 12:51:01 -0400

Unfortunately, we work with the tools that are given...

To set out and write your own language? Its been done, but I am not the one
going to do it.

Rabbi mendel of Kotsk once said:

"When i was 20 I though i could change the world, When i was 40 I thought i
could change my family, and now that i am 70 I understand i cannot change
even myself..."

I have been hearing of python a lot lately, and it seems that the trend is
towards it. I think i should invest time learning it.

I use perl to parse and update the database, R to do R
C/C++/Delphi/Pascal/asm to write real code and php for the web side stuff

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> I've never met a 4G/L that i like, and i happily recommend postfix
> instead of sendmail.
> There is  a terrible 4G/L from the folks at FAME ( Forcasting Analytic
> Modeling Environment ) that i taught for many years at various central
> banks, and many an i-bank.  Its closed, and its dead.  That's why the S
> language is better, i guess, surviving because of it openness.  However,
> its narrow use domain makes me shiver, and wonder why more people aren't
> attempting similar things with simpler languages like python.
> I am a c++ nut, but even I realize that productivity is not always all
> that, and some constructs can more easily be compartmentalized in low
> level languages, and exported to higher level script/interpreted
> languages.
> I'm sure the skillset on the list is varied, but does anyone use python
> on any level?
> -tom
> BBands wrote:
> >The folks who invented FORTH had an office down the hall from me for
> >Really nice people and mega-talented.
> >
> >Oddly enough I currently use the three most hostile programs I have
> >encountered: R, sendmail and MS Exchange Server. In my opinion user
> >hostility is nothing more than self indulgence on the part of the
> >developers, but then I guess those who program for free are entitled to
be a
> >bit self indulgent. So what is Exchange Server's excuse?
> >
> >    --jab
> >
> >

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