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From R-help, new version of S+; recall also that David Smith, despite his
employ at Insightful, vendor of S+, co-authored excellent, concise R intro

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Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 11:26:20 -0700
From: "David Smith" <dsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [R] ANNOUNCE: S-PLUS 7.0
To: <r-help@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Insightful is proud to announce a major update to S-PLUS available
today: S-PLUS 7. S-PLUS 7 was designed to enable statisticians to
create targeted statistical applications with large data sets that can
be deployed to business users, researchers, analysts and other end
users who do not have special expertise in statistical methods.

S-PLUS 7 is the result of scores of interviews with S-PLUS users which
drove the design and development of the new features.  S-PLUS 7 has
also benefited from an extensive beta test program involving many
participants on s-news and r-help, to whom I offer sincere thanks for
their feedback during the development process.

The S-PLUS 7 release includes a new member of the S-PLUS product
family, S-PLUS Enterprise Developer, that provides additional new
features to S-PLUS, including:

  Developer introduces a new pipeline architecture by making it
  possible to process gigabyte-sized data sets, even on machines with
  modest amounts of RAM. With the new "big data" library, S-PLUS
  programmers can import or create extremely large data objects by
  using out-of-memory processing techniques. Instead of holding a
  large data set entirely in memory, the pipeline architecture caches
  the data file on disk and uses specialized streaming algorithms to
  process the data, reading only a small portion of the data into
  memory at a time.

  environment for S code development, based on the Eclipse
  framework. This release offers the core functionality of code
  editing, syntax error detection, project and task management,
  interfaces with source code control systems, and interaction with
  the S language engine.

You can read about the new features of S-PLUS, including a link to a
detailed white paper about the new big data library at:


You can also learn more about the new capabilities of S-PLUS 7 at a
webinar I will be giving on April 19. More info at:


Finally, my thanks to all the members of the S community -- including
R folk -- who have provided such great discussion and debate over the
years, which has helped make S-PLUS what it is today.

# David Smith

David M Smith <dsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Senior Product Manager, Insightful Corp, Seattle WA
Tel: +1 (206) 802 2360
Fax: +1 (206) 283 6310

New S-PLUS 7! Create advanced statistical applications with large data sets.

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