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  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 08:13:51 -0800

Imagine my chagrin. I answer a seemingly innocent question on how to
implement nested loops in R and get lectured on what should and shouldn't be
done in R and how to do it properly with the entire process culminating in
the post below.

Message received.

Back to the markets,


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> After rigorous battle w/ my oldest son at bedtime, I was 
> ready to return
> to do battle w/ the infamous BBands...then, like a wise father, S. 
> Wisdom stepped in to smooth
> the waters.  I felt reduced to a sniveling school yard child, having 
> realized the point moot, and
> my religious zealousness silly.
> But how can i lay, after a 'paul graham' shellacking?
> First, I am not a hacker.  I am a professional developer.  
> The libraries 
> and tools i have
> lovingly, and sometimes in obscure low level, ugly, but well 
> commented 
> assembly, C, and C++,
> written underly some of the largest historic time-series data 
> warehouses, perf attr, risk mgmt, and
> modelling / back-testing systems in place today. 
> Keane has pitted me against several of the established 
> leaders in both 
> the historic data and
> relational model space, and each time i have come out on top.  Top in 
> terse memory requirements,
> top for scalability, top for runtime performance by orders of 
> magnitudes.  And of course tops
> for hardware requirements.  If you want i can send pretty 
> reports saying so.
> DMG, JPMorgan, BoA, Goldman, American Century, Fidelity, 
> Putnam, State 
> Street, Allianz, Dresdner,
> the ECB, the Beaureau of Economic Analysis, Haver Analytic, 
> the Bank of 
> International Settlements
> and many others all rely on my unreadable code.  And soon the 
> FED will 
> be migrating their
> historic dw's onto my platform as well.  Why?  Because, i have a clue 
> what i am doing in the
> little space which is my world.
> I don't need Graham's rhetoric.  I can find plenty of 
> opinions on both 
> sides of the fence.
> So please don't lecture me on being a programmer.  I'd rather 
> learn from 
> your experience and
> wisdom in the financial world.  Everyone knows who you are.  
> I am no one. 
> Can you please leave me the paltry dignity of knowing my own 
> profession? 
> Or must you claim that as well?
> R is a language i have only recently begun to use.  I do however have 
> extensive experience with
> similar proprietary languages, and understand the concept space / 
> knowledge domain just fine.
> In fact, i have spoken and taught on several occasions at 
> central banks, 
> i-banks, and the like.
> I defer to Dirk for my R lessons.  Clearly, he is the resident guru.
> I defer to you for the applied finance CS lessons.  And steve.  And 
> others who i hope will excuse
> my not mentioning each of their names. 
> So please, lets stop the insanity, and return to you guys teaching me 
> something...for my own
> selfish needs!
> thank you, my apologies if i have exceeded the flame limit, all due 
> respect, and it hurts
> when you step on my toes,
> -tom
> ps - how could perl possibly still exist?
> BBands wrote:
> >>Code is not meant to be understood...that's what comments are for.
> >>( you do comment your code, right ? )
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >I'll let Paul Graham reply for me:
> >
> >"Source code, too, should explain itself. If I could get 
> people to remember
> >just one quote about programming, it would be the one at the 
> beginning of
> >Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.
> > 
> >Programs should be written for people to read, and only 
> incidentally for
> >machines to execute. 
> >
> >You need to have empathy not just for your users, but for 
> your readers. It's
> >in your interest, because you'll be one of them. Many a 
> hacker has written a
> >program only to find on returning to it six months later 
> that he has no idea
> >how it works. I know several people who've sworn off Perl after such
> >experiences."
> >
> >http://www.paulgraham.com
> >http://www.paulgraham.com/paulgraham/hp.html
> >
> >    --jab
> >
> >  
> >

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