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<Sound of pot being stirred...>

Here is a gem from our host illustrating the power of R, the Swiss Army
chainsaw of finance.

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In recent months the List suffered from mystery spam that appeared to come
from Y-le.  After a while the  Listmaster plugged the dike.  However, those
on the List who are (1) male (2) <25 yrs of age, are thinking:  'Hey, how
can *I* send out spam that looks like it came from Y-le!?' 

So in the Franklinian spirit of common improvement & education, today's
lesson is: spamming for $0.  This assumes minimal skillz, just familiarity
with the Win command line 

First we duck into R on our Win2000/XP machine, and run :  

bat<- paste('blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to ',
bat; write(bat,'c:/BAT.bat') 

where SPAM.txt is a textfile, the body of the spam, perhaps blank for
testing purposes 

This writes out a file BAT.bat : 

C:\>type bat.bat
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to aasmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to absmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to acsmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to adsmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to aesmith@xxxxxxx
(.. )
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to zvsmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to zwsmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to zxsmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to zysmith@xxxxxxx
blat SPAM.txt -ss -i yale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx -to zzsmith@xxxxxxx

Now we need Blat, http://sourceforge.net/projects/blat and click on Blat
v2.2.2 (lite) download.  This returns  a file blat222.lite.zip containing,
inter alia, Blat.exe.  Extract Blat.exe into directory C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 and
throw away the rest of the zip file 

``Blat is a Public Domain Win32 console utility that sends the contents of a
file in an e-mail message using  the SMTP protocol. Blat is useful for
creating scripts where mail has to be sent automatically'' says the README

Now install Blat; this is my server and account; use yours : 

C:\>blat -install mail.mantrade.com list@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Blat lite v2.2.2 (build : Feb 26 2004 10:36:21)
SMTP server set to mail.mantrade.com on port 25 with user list@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
retry 1 time(s)

And you're ready to roll, just run the BAT.bat file, and you've sent a tiny
'dictionary attack', and it's 'From:' Y-le . . . 

But I should add: don't try this at home!  Your ISP will be unhappy, and so
will Y-le ;)




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