[tech-spec] A belated welcome to Tech-Spec

  • From: "Steve Wisdom" <swis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "tech-spec" <tech-spec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 18:06:22 -0400

A belated welcome to Tech-Spec, as advertised on Spec-List a few weeks back

I sprayed subs this afternoon to the 20 who replied earlier; feel free to
desub yourself at any time.  I'll soon add a few others as well

My goal is to pursue promising threads from Spec-List or elsewhere in a more
organized & quantitative way.  I hope & expect everyone will pitch in, give
it the ol' college try.  I'll spend 30- 60 mins a day on it for the
forseeable, and see where it goes.  In a month I'll do some janitorial work,
desub those who'd be better served by Spec-List proper

My listmaster skillz are zero and I'm not interested in improving.  This
freebie list host is OK for now.  My general computer skillz are average.
I'm no Tom or Henry or Dirk, but I've found my 'amateur scientist' approach
works well enough in real life

I've grown fond of R and will use it much, but I'd love to see some good
efforts in other languages.  In general, I want to lean toward quick &
dirty, back of the envelope, rather than beautiful computer science

Posting is simple; send to tech-spec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and hope for the best.
The list is closed, ie will accept posts only from those subbed to it.  This
I won't change, but there are various other configs I can twiddle if there
is demand for it

http://www.freelists.org/help has a FAQ and other info

Let's aim for free-wheeling & informal, but on-topic, discussion.  I'll post
datasets on VN's site, as I've done on Spec-List, so we don't have to
shuffle big files around

To start the ball rolling, I'd like to re-visit Jim Sogi's posts on the
venerable 'VIX as a predictor of S&P' theme.  I'll gather my thoughts and
post on it

Here are our kickoff members -

TS<- read.table('f:/TECH-SPEC.txt',header=F,as.is=T)[[1]]
#f:/TECH-SPEC.txt is a list of email addresses
#avoid spambots, only the part before the @

 [1] "jonathan"      "bbands"        "tdowning"      "brian_haag"
 [5] "edd"           "yelloh71"      "jaredalbert"   "kennerspec"
 [9] "chris"         "tim_hess1"     "moebot"        "michaelpomada"
[13] "tmelvin16"     "alex.park1"    "bayview4"      "tim_hewson"
[17] "jrollert"      "carstens"      "pennington63"  "betashinumo"

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