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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 16:11:35 -0600

Gabe and other mentors,

I won't be at the meeting tonight, if you are, there should be a big box of 
parts at the eiger lab office from andymark.  It contains some motors, 
gearboxes, wheels, sprockets, bearings and a bunch of other stuff.  The pieces 
are short on a few 48 tooth sprockets, however, it seems like we may not need a 
full 6 stage accelerator since we were making half court shots with the 
prototype without the accelerator (we adjusted the clearance between the wheel 
and the hood and removed some obstructions).

If you open that stuff up, please make sure it is all kept together because I 
have fairly precise ideas for all of the parts.  There are some 3/8" ID 
bearings that you can install in the traction wheels, those will each get a 
sprocket mounted to them and the rotate on a 3/8" shaft.  Then we can just 
drill holes in the structure to let the shaft be contained at the ends by the 
tube stock (the shafts won't have to rotate since the wheels have the bearings 
in them).  Feel free to get the box and see what is there.  It should have most 
of the parts that we will need for the accelerator tube.


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