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I hope I'm not too late for this.

Rockford Robotics All Star Award  -  Eli. He seemed to be able to do
almost anything, and do it well.

Excellence Under Pressure Award  -  Jared. Never lost his cool in the
pit or on the field.

Think Outside the Bot Award  -  Mark, Alex or Austin sound like a good
candidates. I am not fully aware of what they did (except for the
electrical boxes by Mark). No others come to mind.

Innovator of the Year Award  -  I would like to nominate whoever led the
Animation Sub-Team through to completion. I am not sure if it was an
individual or a group effort. Although they had plenty of guidance and
direction in the beginning, near the end the Animation sub-team ran
themselves with apparently little to no mentor involvement (as far as I
could tell). No other past sub-team performed at this level and it
should be both acknowledged and encouraged. 

Rookie of the Year Award  -  Morgan, Natalie or Carly (preference in
that order). In addition to their own sub-team work, these girls picked
up various other skills (tools, mechanical, electrical, sewing,
anything) quickly and used them quite effectively working on any task.
Although they may have been quiet and passive, they were very effective
members of the team to the point where I did not think of them as


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Adam- Could you please send this out to the mentors email list?  I can't
send to our email list from school and my home email isn't on the mentor



Rockford Robotics Mentors,

It is time to start to think about students who really went above and
beyond this season.  The following is a list of the award categories
that we gave out last year.  We can always change them if needed.
Please send me your thoughts about what students should be recognized
and a few sentences about why you think they should be recognized.  I'll
put that list together and resend it out to everyone for final
discussion.  Our awards/sponsor banquet is June 12 and it usually takes
a week or two to get the medals printed up. (Don't forget about our
animation team too!!)



Think Outside the Bot Award

Innovator of the Year Award

Excellence Under Pressure Award

Rookie of the Year Award

Rockford Robotics All Star Award

Christina Magee
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