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Adam - Could you please forward this to the mentor listserve

Last night we met about the Rockford Public Schools roll out of FIRST programs 
K-12.  It is the vision of RPS to have all schools with some kind of robotics 
program in the next 3 years.  We think this is ambitious.  Next year the hope 
is to have one of each team (Jr. FLL, FLL, FTC) in an RPS school.  Rockford 
Robotics will serve as a source for assistance in the running of a team and the 
build process.  We will not become a funding source or solicit RPS staff to 
participate as coaches and or mentors.  It was our feeling that we have 
experience with FLL so that should be an easy mentorship.  Jr. FLL appears less 
involved and should not be a problem to assist.  FTC will be a little more 
challenging as we have not ever been involved with that program.  We decided 
that instead of doing a rookie build in the fall we will start a Rockford 
Robotics FTC team at our shop.  This would allow a new RPS team to run in 
parallel for assistance.

Eli is working on a budget to present to RPS on the specific costs for funding 
each team type.  Chris will work on a job description for RPS staff who will 

Questions to be asked at the next meeting with RPS:  Will and FTC team be part 
of the athletic program? (so will the $100 student fee be used to support the 
team- this would allow from no sponsorship)  Because FLL and FTC begins right 
away in August does RPS have some coaches lined up?

Those who were at the meeting..... what did I miss?



Christina Magee
National Board Certified Teacher
Physics - Team 8B
Eisenhower Middle School
Rockford Public Schools

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